About Us

We're on a mission

Bringing awareness to the biggest problems and stressors endured by bees in order to create a sustainable solution

Our Goal

Raise awareness on bee health and advocate for more research to be done. Ultimately create sustainable solutions that allow bee populations to rise back to where they once were

Who we are

Founded in 2021 by Greg Shved, a beekeeper, researcher, scientist, and supporter with a goal of aiming to raise awareness on the current pollinator situation.

Spread the word

We must use our voices to advocate for the bees who cannot. If bees disappeared it is very likely we would experience an agricultural disaster followed by the collapse of our entire ecosystem

Funding research

By selling honey products, we're helping beekeepers pay for feeding and treating their bees. We donate profits to bee research organizations and fund other bee research projects.

"Once the bees have left the earth, man will have 4 years left on the planet."